M3 Construction has the engineering capabilities to execute design-build projects under aggressive schedules. Our engineers utilize their construction experience to make intelligent and informed decisions. During the design phase, they are responsible for the development and accuracy of project models. This approach minimizes the risk of schedule delays and cost overruns. Our team’s workflow is streamlined by excluding the need for designers or drafters. All of our engineers are proficient in 3-D design, dramatically accelerating the design sequence and resulting in accurate schedules and project costs.

In addition, our engineering team relies on information developed during meetings with the operator of each project we undertake. We value clear communication and believe this information is critical to every phase of project design.

M3 Construction's engineering services include:

  • Project analysis for viability and market demands;
  • 3-D project model engineering for use during cost estimating and construction;
  • Fluid dynamics and process flow engineering;
  • Multidisciplinary engineering management and coordination: M3 Construction partners with multiple engineering disciplines for complete delivery of all design services including civil engineering, electrical engineering, instrumentation and controls;
  • Integrated design and construction services to ensure constructability;
  • Coordination with construction team during design phase to verify efficient project phasing;
  • Selection of appropriate systems processes to support long-term operations;
  • Execution of hydraulic analysis for appropriate equipment selections;
  • Facility retrofits/upgrades including on-site inspection and analysis for re-use of existing facilities and/or equipment;
  • As-built 3-D models (or 2-D drawings if required).