As with all other aspects of the design-build process, our construction services team is fully integrated with the design team throughout the design process. This approach allows for a seamless transition from design into the estimating and construction phases of each project.  It also allows our construction team to become familiar with the 3-D project model utilized in the field.

Our commitment to an efficient design and construction process is centered on shortened project schedules and reduced project costs. We are dedicated to delivering both to our clients.

The M3 Construction team provides:

  • Safe and efficient construction practices;
  • Advanced construction team management;
  • Constructability analysis;
  • Project schedule development;
  • Design and schedule integration: efficient day-to-day planning and operations utilizing our 3-D design process;
  • Organized long-lead equipment and materials procurement;
  • Project cost management;
  • Quality assurance analysis;
  • Efficient project turnover and startup.